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Automation Engineer


Job Responsibilities :

1. Planning and carrying out all activities in operating, maintaining, and repairing electrical and automation equipment and modifying programs if needed

2. Developing web-based programs that are used to automate, collect, transform, and transmit company operations data.

3. Testing operating system performance, installing electrical components, control panels, and checking equipment related to digitization and automation

4. Performing troubleshooting and improvement of control and instrumentation systems on Utility and Production machines

5. Actively support the OT (Operational Technology) network control system

6. Implement maintenance inspection activities and monitoring the performance of PLCs, communication networks, and electrical panels.

7.Ensuring reports on inspection results, maintenance & corrective actions for deviations that have been made.

Qualifications :
1. Minimum Bachelor Degree (S-1) Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
2. Minimum 2 years experience in electrical & automation fields
3. Have experience working with PLC, automation equipment
4. Able to operate MS Office computer.
5. Mastering spoken and written English
6. Have good leadership and communication skills

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